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Miniature Precision Components, Inc. - Mexico   Jun. 27th, 2017
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MPC Mexico is located 60 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border and only 125 miles from Tucson, Arizona.


When Traveling to MPC Mexico

When flying into Tucson Int’l Airport and you plan to rent a car, make sure the company that the car is from offers insurance to travel into Mexico.Work with the sales assistant at the car rental counter to get the car covered.

  1. When you exit the airport, follow the main road, (Tucson Blvd.), and look for the intersection with Valencia Rd. Turn left on Valencia and follow all of the way to Hwy 19 to Nogales.Enter Hwy 19 and head South.

  2. When you get to Nogales, look for signs that say “Truck Route”. Follow the road labeled “Truck Route” this will become Mariposa Road.  When you arrive at the border station, you simply need to pull forward into the appropriate lane and wait your turn into the “Red or Green light” area. When you pass through this area, you must stop the car until the light either flashes red or green. If a red light appears, you must drive into the check area where one or more guards will meet you. When asked where you are going, simply state that you are on your way to visit a plant in Santa Ana. After the border crossing area, continue South on Hwy. 15. You want to be heading toward Hermosillo.  

  3.  After travelling on Hwy 15, you will reach another checkpoint at the 21km marker, approximately. Pull into the parking area on your right and park the car. Take all of your documents concerning the car and your person. (Insurance doc., Registration, Rental agreement, passport or birth certificate, drivers license) Walk toward the complex on the left side, next to the road itself. Go to the first building labeled “Ruta 1”.  Once inside, the officer will ask to see your passport or birth certificate. He will then give you a visa permit to fill out. You then exit the building and go to your left toward “Ruta 2”. Follow the pathway toward a small building where it says “Copias”. It is a kiosk type structure with service windows where you have copies made of all documents related to the car. It costs around $1.00. 

  4. Take your documents and copies and head back in the same direction where you just came from, staying to your left. You will then be walking toward the Yellow building labeled “Only Sonora”. Enter the office and proceed to one of the attendants. Give the copies to her and follow her instructions.  She will ask for the insurance papers along with the registration, and a copy of your driver’s license. After she is done, a sticker will be given to you for placement on the inside of the windshield, on the lower passenger-side corner. After you have completed this on the car, drive out toward the road going South. There is another Red-Green light here and you must follow the same random check procedures as before.

  5. Continuing down Hwy 15, there are a couple of small towns along the way. Please use caution when driving through these congested areas, as there are speed bumps that are pretty high. When you reach Magdalena, stay on the toll way, which veers to the left toward Santa Ana.

  6. Once in Santa Ana, there is a foot bridge overhead that you will go under. There are two PEMEX gas stations on your right as you approach a curve in the road. You will want to turn right immediately after the first gas station. Follow this street, over the railroad tracks, to Ave. Serna. Turn left on Serna and follow it for a few blocks. The street will make a “Y”, where you want to stay to the right and follow it to MPC Mexico, which is located on the right side.  Pull into the parking area next to the plant and park in an available space. Proceed to the front entrance door. 

  7. Important: Make sure you give your visa to the receptionist for payment of Mexico Taxes while you are visiting. It is very important to make sure you have a copy that has been cancelled upon departure back to the U.S.

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